I had a great time at this year’s NAMM convention, obviously running into lots of familiar faces and meeting some new ones. Special thanks to Catalinbread for the pass, who’s new pedals this year include the very impressive Talisman plate reverb, and the very unique but cool Antichthon fuzz.

For me, the most exciting stuff this year was happening in the synth/keys department, most importantly Moog has reissued their legendary Modulars, which are financially out of the question for most musicians, but they did have a couple on display and being demonstrated, which was a great pleasure to watch/listen.
Moog weren’t the only ones reissuing legendary vintage (analog) synths, as Korg released their version of the ARP Odyssey, which is thankfully much more affordable and also a lot more user friendly, and the same goes for my personal favorite, the DSI Prophet 6, a reissue/update of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.

In guitarland, besides Catalinbread, my personal highlights were the new TC Electronics pedals including a phaser and a univibe (and I’ve been told there is a chance they’ll be released as mini pedals as well sometime later this year!), and the Tech 21 Fly Rig (and the Richie Kotzen signature version) which is a very smartly designed no-frills multi-effect, about the size of a channel switcher, clearly geared toward the travelling/gigging guitarist.
The new hype definitely seems to be about making things smaller, lots of companies have started releasing their simpler pedals in smaller enclosures, and both Xotic and Dunlop released mini wah pedals.

Amp-wise, the biggest surprise for me was the Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue, and I was pretty impressed by both the Supro and Magnatone reissues (about time those got reissued). The best tones unsurprisingly however, were coming from the Friedman booth, which is probably the best choice out there for hot-rodded Marshall tone.

Namm 2015