The PostHouse has been my home since 2011 and I really couldn’t wish for anything more ideal, as it allows me to do all my recording, practicing and teaching in a relaxing and inspiring environment.
As the house was designed and built by a professional dancer who wanted to create a place that would support the artistic community, it’s main feature is the beautiful rehearsal space, which currently serves a ton of dancers and dance companies in the LA area (and although I’m not a dancer, I do occasionally get to use the space for musical purposes).
I’d hate for such a popular, unique and historic place to be sold and torn down, just to be replaced by yet another multi million dollar mansion without any real value to the community, so please consider making a donation (every little bit helps), over at the IndieGoGo page:

Save the Posthouse Dance Space

Or simply ‘like’ the facebook page, and spread the word!
More info in the video below: