I recently finally got around to finishing a project that had been sitting for a while, a 2×12″ speaker cabinet which I was given in return for a favor for a friend. I had the cab recovered, installed new salt & pepper grillcloth and hardware and added a partial open back (in addition to the original closed back).

Speaker wise I went with a Scumback G12H 55hz and a G12M 75hz, both with paper voice coil and factory break in.
Both speakers are rated at 65 watts, for a total of 130, so it should even be able to handle my JCM800 2203 (unless I really push it), although it is mostly meant for use with my 50w Fender Bassman and a future 18w Marshall clone.

I chose Scumback speakers because I was really impressed by their G12M’s with the PVC in a 4×12 at one of the LA amp shows, but I was also intrigued by the G12H due to the better handling of the bass frequencies, as well as the fact that Hendrix apparently used them a lot later on.
Thankfully the combination of the two came really highly recommended by both Jim from Scumback himself, as well as a host of other sources.

I haven’t been able to play through the cab all that much yet, but so far they really nail that vintage marshall vibe, overall a little dirtier and more character, and more honky mids than the EV’s, but still a lot of punch, and obviously a lot lighter.

I hope to be able to record some samples soon, but in the meantime, here’s the G12M loaded 4×12 at the LA amp show: