Newly restored cab loaded with 12″ Scumbacks…

  • November 16, 2014 17:53

I recently finally got around to finishing a project that had been sitting for a while, a 2×12″ speaker cabinet which I was given in return for a favor for a friend. I had the cab recovered, installed new salt & pepper grillcloth and hardware and added a partial open back (in addition to the original closed back).

Speaker wise I went with a Scumback G12H 55hz and a G12M 75hz, both with paper voice coil and factory break in.
Both speakers are rated at 65 watts, for a total of 130, so it should even be able to handle my JCM800 2203 (unless I really push it), although it is mostly meant for use with my 50w Fender Bassman and a future 18w Marshall clone.

I chose Scumback speakers because I was really impressed by their G12M’s with the PVC in a 4×12 at one of the LA amp shows, but I was also intrigued by the G12H due to the better handling of the bass frequencies, as well as the fact that Hendrix apparently used them a lot later on.
Thankfully the combination of the two came really highly recommended by both Jim from Scumback himself, as well as a host of other sources.

I haven’t been able to play through the cab all that much yet, but so far they really nail that vintage marshall vibe, overall a little dirtier and more character, and more honky mids than the EV’s, but still a lot of punch, and obviously a lot lighter.

I hope to be able to record some samples soon, but in the meantime, here’s the G12M loaded 4×12 at the LA amp show:

NAMM 2014

  • January 28, 2014 00:25

Had a great time at NAMM this year, some of the many highlights included the new pedals from Catalinbread and Earthquaker Devices, new synths from Moog and Elektron, running into a couple of my heroes (as usual) as well as my friends from Thunderplugs, and witnessing some great music being made during the actual show and at the after parties.
Many thanks also to the good folks at Catalinbread for getting me a badge.
Looking forward to NAMM 2015!


New 2×12 Speaker Cabinet from StageCraft

  • September 12, 2013 18:33

After a couple of recommendations and reading several positive online reviews I ordered a custom spec’d Dumble style 2×12 speaker cabinet from StageCraft out of St. Louis.
Anthony was a pleasure to deal with, especially considering the fact that I changed my mind a couple of times.

Once I received the cab I loaded it with a pair of Electro Voice Series II 12L’s with Jay Mitchell foam donuts in front, and wired it up with heavy 13AWG speaker cable.
It pairs up nicely with both my JCM800 and my Bassman, great workmanship for a fair price and of course it sounds huge!
Due to the EV’s it weighs a ton though…


Short progress update

  • May 6, 2013 21:27

While I’ve been busy lately gigging and doing some teaching, I’ve also been hard at work getting all my equipment in top shape and I found the time to build some pedals, as well as obviously doing a ton of practicing. Basically just getting life in LA rolling again.

I will be posting some real updates, demo vids and lessons soon, but for in the meantime, here’s my latest acquisition:
A 60’s Lafayette 99-9141WX, single 8″ speaker, 6 watts, 1xEL84 and 2x12AX7 with Tremolo & Spring Reverb.
Sounds really sweet as it is, but I’ll do a more in depth review after I get it in top shape…


Yamaha P-120 Rehouse project

  • November 16, 2012 22:56

This electronic piano was donated to me after it had fallen out of a 2nd story window and the enclosure had split in half. Somehow the keybed itself only had very minor damage and mainly needed the keys clicked back in, besides that only one of the pcb’s was cracked, which thankfully was easily fixable thanks to the schematic on the Yamaha website.
The P120, like most Yamaha’s, has a great playing fully weighted keyboard (also used in their higher end models, as well as other brands keyboards/synths) as well as some decent built in sounds and more importantly, full midi capacity, so I decided it was worth rehousing.
My friends over at designed and laser cut me a new enclosure out of 9mm poplar (affordable, strong and light), which I then planned to stain and lacquer:


Unfortunately during shipping to the US it got damaged again, when a forklift pierced through the bottom, but yet again it was only the casing that took the hit, and it still sounds and plays great, with the damage only being visible from the bottom. Since it’s damaged I’ve decided finishing it isn’t quite worth the extra work, so I’ve left it as is.
It’s being played daily, which really is a testament to the quality of Yamaha products.

Stolen custom Telecaster… *updated: It’s back!!*

  • September 6, 2012 10:49

Stolen Tele

I got some good news this week, as the good people at the Troubadour had apparently found my telecaster and put it away safely in their storage locker.
Although it took a while, since they’re only open on show days, I still feel really lucky to have it back in my possession.

It’s not completely finished yet, but I plan on doing a video on this guitar once it is.

Here’s my original post:

“Sadly, this past Saturday night (09-01-2012) my beloved DIY built Telecaster was stolen in the parking lot of the Troubadour in West Hollywood, while in care of one of my friends.
Although not 100% finished yet, It was a great sounding guitar, and everything you’d want a good tele to be.

Here are the specs, in case anybody ever comes across it:
-Japanese Fender neck (serial P094263), tuners and bridge
-Rutters custom swamp ash butterscotch blonde body, medium relic
-Black pickguard/control plate, no control knobs
-Lollar Vintage T pickups
-the guitar was in a tweed case when it got stolen

Up next is the search for a replacement…”

Happy Holidays

  • December 8, 2011 16:50

I will be spending my Christmas holidays and the first couple of months of the new year in Europe.
Here is a sight I will be missing a lot…

See you next year, happy holidays everybody,



Jimmy Quill’s ‘Red Horse’ recording studio in Austin, Texas

  • October 10, 2011 10:30


Jimmy Quill recently finished assembling his gorgeous recording studio on a converted ranch in Austin, Texas by installing a state of the art API 1608 recording console.
Check out the pictures on the website and you’ll see that apart from the console and lots of other great pieces of gear, Red Horse ATX offers a great vibe and ideal surroundings.

You can read an interview with Jimmy Quill about Red Horse ATX and his API here:
And here’s the Red Horse website:

Jimmy is a great guy who I’ve known for quite some time, and I really look forward to tracking at Red Horse.


*Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of either of these pictures and copyright is owned by the respective photographer(s)*

New Toy: Catalinbread SFT

  • September 12, 2011 15:58


I recently got this amazing new pedal, the SFT by Catalinbread.
SFT, from what I understand is a play on the name of the amplifier the pedal is based on, the famous Ampeg SVT, but it pretty much does the whole vintage Ampeg range like none other.
The original amps are considered classics for both guitar (everything from 70s Rolling Stones & Faces to more modern stuff like Queens of the StoneAge) and bass (which bass player didn’t at one point play an Ampeg?)
Although an original 70’s Ampeg VT40 is quite high on my list, the SFT will keep me satisfied for a good while, and I can’t wait to use it on both my guitar and bass pedalboards.

Also am quite excited to try and hear more of Catalinbread’s stuff, check them out at:

Although I plan to do my own demo soon, here’s one for in the meantime, by the infamous burgerman666, who does a great job as usual, playing the some classic Faces riffs.

New Toy: 1962 Hammond L-100 Organ

  • March 22, 2011 16:38

I couldn’t resist the urge and got this from Craigslist:

It’s a gorgeous Hammond L-100 tonewheel organ from 1962, in very nice and full working condition and even including the bench and original receipt.
Although initially a little plain sounding, through a leslie and some distortion it does a great John Lord…
It also has an AO-43 poweramp that is very well suited for guitar amp conversion, but I might just leave the organ as is.

‘Michelle’ Custom Strat Page

  • January 27, 2011 16:58

I made a specific page describing the build process of my new strat that I nicknamed ‘Michelle’.
She turned out quite nice and I hope to be doing more DIY builds in the future…

check it out here: Strat Page